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How SuperSlyde Compares

Good lubrication, like pheromones, having the right “equipment”, and technique (knowing how to use it) is an essential, though often overlooked, element of good sexual chemistry. Unlike the rest, good lubrication is the only element of sexual chemistry you can buy off the shelf. Few realise that the quality of personal lube used can make the difference between having a “so-so” and “Over the Top” sexperience. A sure-fire way to instantly ignite your performance and enhance your pleasure is simply by selecting the right personal lubricant. Too many choices? Don’t know where to start? We’re here to take the guesswork out – SuperSlyde is here to the rescue!


In double blind consumer survey comparing SuperSlyde to several market leaders, we asked survey participants to use and rate each sample based on the following performance scales:

  • Slickness

  • Sensation

  • Duration of lubrication

  • Texture & thickness

  • Ease of cleaning


SuperSlyde received the highest scores on each scale, and was rated the highest overall. Finally, when asked to pick only 1 product, 9 in 10 survey participants preferred SuperSlyde. Mission accomplished – SuperSlyde is officially Over The Top!

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