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Why Silicone

Silicone lubricants have long been considered a “premium” lubricant because of its many qualities: -

  • Slippery and smooth, silicone lubricant forms a sheer layer which your skin simply glides over

  • Since these lubes contain no water, they take much longer to dry, staying slick for a long time

  • Non-irritating, silicone is great for people with sensitive skin

  • Reapply less frequently, a few drops go a long way

  • Feels slick and slippery, not sticky after a few minutes of use

  • Can be used for full body massage, may be left on skin for moisturising effect

  • Since it doesn’t break down in water, can be used in the shower or bath, or underwater or in the rain (if you’re into that)

  • Latex-safe

  • Does not contain glycerin

  • Does not promote yeast and other vaginal infections

  • Has not been shown to increase the risk for HIV transmission during anal intercourse, as some water-based lubes have


Not all silicone lubes are created equal – subtle yet significant differences exist between products, and during our development process, we realised “just as good” was simply not good enough. We wanted SuperSlyde to be the best in its class. Delving deep into silicone chemistry, we have isolated multiple variables that affect the physical and performance properties of silicone lubricants. By carefully controlling each variable, we were able to arrive at SuperSlyde’s breakthrough formulation, a development process that took over 18 months and countless variations that were tested both in the lab and actual usage conditions. How did we do this? By carefully controlling the catalysts, silicone chain lengths, coupled with optimal mixing temperature and relative humidity, all through a stringent GMP certified manufacturing process, we were able to arrive at our winning formulation. The result, a silicone lubricant that truly is unlike any other on the market – SuperSlyde. In short, SuperSlyde is

  • Super slick and smooth

  • Unbelievably sensual

  • Ultra long lasting

  • Easy to clean

  • Hypoallergenic and non-irritating

  • Latex safe


Not only that, SuperSlyde has

  • Great packaging

  • Unique one-hand/no-drip dispenser

  • SuperSlyde is made in Singapore, under strict certified-GMP conditions, giving you the assurance of quality and safety. 

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