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The best new silicone personal lubricant we’ve tried this year


MaXXX Black

Sydney Finest Adult Store & Winner of Best Independent Adult Store in Australia 2012

Must say I very impressed with the product.
I have received your samples today and must say I very impressed with the product.
Bruce Whittington
After Dark Accessories
Very impressed with the bottle that I tried.

I did receive the samples and I was very impressed with the bottle that I tried.



Be Daring

The best silicone lube I've used.
I’ve tried it, and it is excellent. The best silicone lube I’ve used.
Simon Frost Owner of
It is the best lube we've ever tried

Just wanted to let you know that we tried your “gift” and it is the best lube we’ve ever tried. I think you will be very successful with it! And, I never thought I would be sending a thank you note for a gift of lube!!! 


Stuart B
small and handy

they are small and handy enough for a everyday carry on for a spontaneous quickie. but the cap is a bit cumbersome especially when u r in the ‘moment’ and need to use it quickly. a nice clip cap would deserve the product 5 stars.


Really the best!

I just received the samples and tried them. I was amazed how good it was with just a few drops. It last really long and easy to clean. Will definitely recommend this and buy the larger bottle! 


not bad at all

haven’t really use it yet but tried few drops to have some fun alone, seems very promising. And yeah, easy to clean off ; )


Amazing Lube

I use them for sex with my partner and also with some of my toys… its awesome slickness make penetration easy and playing becomes more fun!


It does exactly what it says on the tin

Long lasting, smooth, and non-sticky. Not going back to water-based lube now.

Better than most, can be the best!...

SuperSlyde is by far the best lubricant I’ve used… great for
anal and long sessions… but the bottling is a big problem. Often leaks. What a waste of good stuff! Do improve on the packaging. The pump is better but need the bottle for travelling too.


Worth the purchase

Easy to clean, pleasurable sensation when used, and long lasting. Definitely worth the purchase!


Surprising good

compare to what’s on market, this product is so much more superior.


Great feeling

Make feeling very good when apply it


Ultra smooth and doesn't dry out quickly, easy to wash off

One of the best lubes that I have ever come across. It has a slick feel yet is not sticky and tacky. Doesn’t dry up quickly and is easy to wash off. A drop or two go a long way. The samples convinced me to get a bottle.


There but not there

It really works as it says. After applying, only feel everything else but not the lub. No coldness, no watery feeling, no messing ur hand, only ecstasy!


Good Product

Me and my husband love it so much as its not as messy as we thought its going to be. It really “slyde’ in! A good product indeed



Overall very good, remains slick and slippery for a long time. would be better if it is more easily washed off/away.


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